Beginner’s classes

Just starting with your family history? Want to learn some of the tips & tricks?

MFHS is offering our popular Beginners classes commencing Tuesday 3 February 2015 at 12.30pm. Beginner’s courses are your first step into a new world of researching about your family and gaining an understanding about your background and where you come from.

They will run for 5 weeks at a cost of $20 per lesson. This cost includes computer time and photocopying, printouts and notes etc.

What will you learn?

Our course takes you through the steps needed to trace your family history. With you as the starting point, you will move back through the generations, perhaps on both sides of your family or you may choose to only research one side.  You will be shown how to access online genealogical databases and other sites which hold valuable information for family historians. Our experienced researchers will also provide some ideas about how to file your research and how to correctly interpret certificates.

Do I need computer skills?

No, even if you are a complete novice, we can help you with using the computers to access the various Internet resources.

What if I want to start now?

If you want to make a start now and not wait for the next course offering, or you need guidance to get sorted or simply need to find a new tool to demolish your latest brick wall, come and see us.

We are happy to work out a time to do a one on one session with you and bear in mind that we will always start at the very beginning … a very good place to start.

About previous courses

Last year, the Midweek gave MFHS an excellent write up including photos and details so we were inundated with prospective students for our Tracing Your Family History Beginner’s Classes.

As a consequence, MFHS has already presented numerous courses with another planned mid-year. The team of trainers learned as much as the students over the duration of both courses.  They personalised the course for each student making them feel their research had value as lessons were incorporated into their search for family.

The participants from the first course told us they were raw beginners, but they were all very keen to learn how to do family history with the aid of computers. We learned that they indeed were novices in some areas but they ending up surprising themselves with what they could do when put to the test.

By end of the course, all participants left with new computer and Internet search skills and they truly understood the importance of starting with themselves and then working back in time. The learners also came away with a good understanding of the value of consulting with elders and the need to double check all details on certificates and other documents. Some of the participants opted to do it the old fashioned way, on paper, as they felt that was the best way for them to learn.

The second group had different skills; each participant used computers at home and/or accessed the Internet via mobile phones. They were already computer savvy but when we took them back to basics on paper, they discovered what can happen to all of us – important things can be easily forgotten. Each person also views events from their own personal perspective and so we must read information with this in mind, even legal factual documents.

By the end of this course, participants were networking with each other as well as with family members and beyond to continue their research.

All course participants left eager and confident about continuing their research knowing they could come back and chat, join the society and use our facilities with volunteers to support and guide them in future as they feel the need.

Come along to MFHS and see what you can find out!