Our staff (who are all volunteers) is always willing to help visitors and new members.

We research

Let us help you with your research at $20/hr (or only $15 for members). You can ask for a little or a lot. You decide. Email us with your request or use the Research Request Form.

If members live more than 100km away from the MFHS Library, then you can request one (1) hour’s FREE research per year. This offer applies if you live elsewhere in Australia or overseas.

Assisted research

Volunteers are on hand to show you around, help you to use the equipment and show you how to effectively use the Internet. 
Book ahead for lengthy computer time or one-on-one assisted research. No fee applies for this assistance, but we need to know for staff rostering numbers.

Do it yourself

Our library catalogue is a useful tool to have at home. It helps immensely when making a to-do list for your next visit to Society rooms. You can find the catalogue under the Resources menu.

Dual microfiche, film reader and scanner is available for you to print off entire pages from microfiche or film, scan them or save them to a memory (USB) stick.

Photocopiers and scanners are available to copy & print out your precious discovery to include in your scrapbook or files.

There are a number of computers to read our many CDs which are full of indexes, gravestone photos and other interesting information.

The library has internet access so you can do your own searches for that elusive ancestor.