Christian Mau

Cairns Post Monday 31 October 1910


Another of the pioneers of the district passed away in the person of Mr. C. P. Mau who died on Monday night last at the Lister Hospital (says the Mackay Standard). The deceased was admitted to the hospital some weeks ago suffering from enteric fever, while other complications, including liver trouble supervened and rendered his case a very serious one. The funeral was very largely attended, everyone able to get away taking the opportunity of rendering a last tribute to the memory of one who had always been closely identified with the progress of the town and district. Mr. Mau arrived in Mackay in 1872; and soon found work to do among the farms. A little later he became the owner of a farm, and for many years was one of the most successful cane growers in the Homebush district, and it is only of late years that he settled in town, engaging in business as an agent for various agricultural implements of the most up-to-date character.

At all times a man of liberal views, he took a prominent part in local government affairs, occupying seats on the Shire Council and Harbour Board, while he was also Vice-President of the Sugar Growers’ Union. He at one time aspired to Parliamentary honours, but was not successful in this direction. He was twice married, having nine children by the first wife, all of whom are now grown up, while three years ago he married Mrs. C. W. Kingwell, who survives him. At the time of his death he was 59 years of age.