Copyright is your responsibility

A good site to check for copyright regulations is:

Usually for private use or study the rule is 10% of publication is permitted to be copied. You need to check for yourself. This applies to all media: printed, digital or other. If you wish to publish anything from another publication be it for public or private distribution, you DO need to request permission from the author or publisher who holds copyright on that work. Not doing so could be very costly. Check if the copyright on the publication has expired as many publications can be accessed after 75-100 years.

Cameras are permitted for research purposes: 
Taking photos of rooms, researchers or staff is not permitted without their express permission. 
Use your flash discreetly, warn others in the vicinity so they may safeguard themselves should they need to before you activate your flash.

CD/DVD/portable drive) permitted 
conditions: A full scan is done by our virus software prior to using storage devices.
Should you not have a disc we do have new blank ones at $1 each.
Use of digital storage devices is useful for photos, internet downloads eg census and certificates purchased.

Library computer data, data discs or contents may not be copied onto CD/digital storage device without first checking with staff to ensure that there is no infringement of copyright. Printouts are permitted where the program has a print facility available.