If you would like us to help you with your research, we can do that for $AUD20 per hour or $AUD15 for members.

Understanding DNA tutoring available on the first Monday of each month for $10 per hour. Please pre-book.

Casual/Visitor research at the MFHS Library: $5 per hour

  • Membership $47 (single) and $52 (family) per year

Additional Charges

    • Photocopying 30 cents (A4) 50 cents (A3)
    • Computer printouts 30 cents/page
    • Film/microfiche printouts & scanned images 30 cents per page
    • Internet $5.00 per hour. You may use your own laptop or our computers as the charge is the same. If you use less than an hour, you only pay for time you use.
    • Scotland’s People 50 cents per credit, for example, to view hand written certificates will cost you 6 credits ($3.00)
    • English and Wales certificates $18 ordered online and posted
    • England and Wales PDF version (during trial) of birth and death transcriptions ordered online and emailed $11
    • NSW (Australia) certificates as per checkout charge on NSW Registry check-out
    • Victoria (Australia) certificates charged at Registry check-out total. Historical certificates are immediately printable. Legal certificates are posted.
    • Queensland (Australia) certificates charged at Registry check-out total. Historical images & historical source images are immediately printable. Historical certificates are posted.

Please Note
The Society’s Credit Card is available to use at check-out should you not wish to use your own Credit/Debit Card. No extra fees are chargeable.