From L to R Maude, Lily and Maude Andersen from Septimus

From L to R
Maude, Lily and Violet Andersen from Septimus

Photo courtesy of Tom Coogan
Maude, Violet and Lily Andersen were the daughters of Christian Hagebert Andersen and Sarah Ann Fisher. The back of the photo is signed with their names and has their address as Septimus, via Mirani. Violet was born in 1892 so this photo was taken about 1908-1910 as Violet looks to be about 16-18. This photo was in the possession of Rudolph and Alice Boese who lived at Farleigh until the early 1930s. Violet was born at Farleigh so the family were obviously friends. Christian, the father of the girls, was born in Norway while Rudolph Boese was born in Denmark. Interestingly, Rudolph and Alice also had a daughter called Violet who was born in 1894, two years after Violet Andersen.

Can you add any more information? For example, who did the girls marry? Could there have been a family relationship with the Boese family?

Additional information from Susan:

The children of Christian Hagebert ANDERSEN & Sarah Ann FISHER (m. 1891) were:

  • Frederick William b. 1897  d. 1947
  • Carl August b. 1910  d. 1947
  • Maude Violet Ellen  b. 1900  d. 1963  m. 1920 – James Patrick REEVES
  • Clarence Harris b. 1906  d. 1906
  • Violet Marian/Mary Ann  b. 1892  d. 1893
  • Oscar Christian  b. 1896  d. 1925
  • Lily Josephine  b. 1893  d. 1949  m. 1926 – Albert Harry LISTER
  • Maud Gyartine b. 1903 d.  m. 1922 – Joseph STROPPIANA (at least one child – Pearl Gloria STROPPIANA, who died 1933).